Hiking in the Birmingham

The 7 Best Places for Hiking in the Birmingham Area

Birmingham has a reputation for a good time and a great nightlife. The second thing people notice is its world-class restaurants and its culture. Birmingham has a great reputation for great weather, and it’s the perfect home base if you are a traveler looking to check out a large number of breweries and restaurants while discovering the wonders of the outdoors. Birmingham has a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking to swimming to kayaking to sailing to wildlife watching. Here are the top places to visit in Birmingham for hiking, all of which have long and or narrow trails that will bring you through the countryside and city.

1.    Chilhowee Park

Chilhowee Park is home to a number of trails, some short and some long, that vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The park’s great location is located in a historic area with an amazing view of the Birmingham skyline, and the trails range from easy to more difficult. The trails are surrounded by a variety of green spaces, allowing you to see all of the nature surrounding you. Walking through the park is an incredible experience, and there are also some scenic overlooks. Some of the trails are lined with towering live oaks, and there are also beautiful wildflowers and large blooming trees to enjoy.

One of the more popular trails is the Charles H. Mills Branch, which leads you up the ridge of a small mountain and then ends at the railroad tracks that run through the park. In addition to that trail, there is also the Cherokee Trail that circles around Chilhowee Lake and was created to provide access to hiking and paddling. You can take an easy trail to explore the area or you can take the longer trail that goes to the lake, the Lake Trail, and back. The hike around the lake is about seven miles and is a good and easier trail to check out. There are also a number of restrooms at the trailhead and the entrance to the trails, so you don’t need to worry about that once you start. Chilhowee Park is also just a short drive from Birmingham, so you can walk out here and spend the day.

2.    Shades Mountain Park

Shades Mountain Park was established in 1973 and is an area of trails that make it a perfect hiking location for families or hikers. The park’s trails range from easy to moderate to advanced. You can go on the Mountain Trail, the Camel Trail, the Butterfly Trail, or the Griffin Trail. The Mountain Trail is the longest of the four, and it winds its way up through a beautiful area with waterfalls and forested areas. There are also two other trails here that will take you farther from the forest.

The Camel Trail is about five miles, and the Griffin Trail is only a little over two miles long. Regardless of which trail you choose, you can enjoy walking along a boardwalk that winds through the forest and along the banks of a river. There are a number of scenic overlooks along the way, and there are two benches along the trail to rest at. This trail provides spectacular views of the Cahaba River and the Cahaba Valley.

3.    Vulcan Park and Museum

Vulcan, the symbol of Birmingham, is an incredible piece of work, and it can be easily seen from just about any point in the city. The original statue was erected in 1905, and it was recently restored and rededicated in 2007. You can’t miss the building, and it looks like a wedding cake. Even though the museum and the park have different functions, the combination makes for a perfect day trip. There are about 20,000 people that visit Vulcan’s head each year, and the building was constructed in 1935. There are exhibits on the history of Birmingham, including information about the many different cultures that have come to call the city home.

This includes several different Native American tribes and several different African cultures. There are also interactive exhibits to see. There is a museum store in the building and you can buy food at the museum’s cafe. The museum has a fairly impressive gift shop, too, so you can get everything you need for your trip. There is a gift shop inside, a restaurant and coffee shop, and a gift shop outside. If you want to visit the museum but don’t want to go to the park, the next closest metro stop is the Five Points West and Highland Park metro stops. It is a short trip from either metro station to the park.

4.    The Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo is an attraction that attracts a large number of tourists to the city, and it is well worth the visit. In addition to the animals, there are also other things to do here, such as a number of playgrounds and several other spots for children to go to while their parents spend time at the zoo. There are several exhibit halls, the upper zoo is divided into different areas based on the animals that are housed there, and there are a number of animal shows throughout the day.

It is also a great place to go to see animals while they are still in their natural habitat. The Birmingham Zoo also includes a penguin exhibit, where you can view them swimming. There are two snack bars located near the lower zoo where you can get a drink or snack while you are visiting the animals. The Zoo also has a number of restaurants where you can eat and drink while you are there. There is also a playground and a number of other attractions at the zoo. Some of the more popular spots to visit are the Flamingo Land Water Park and Splash Zone and the Adventure Village.

5.    McWane Science Center

The McWane Science Center is a five-story building that has several exhibits on it. You can get tickets for exhibits on a monthly or yearly basis, but you can also get tickets to go to the main exhibit hall and see all of the different exhibits. The McWane Science Center is also an attraction for adults, and there is a bar on the third floor of the building. It is the only bar in the city that serves alcohol. The science center is a great place for children to go, and there are a number of activities for them to do while they are there. There are also many things to see, from the many exhibits on the first floor to the third floor, which is completely devoted to the news and technology.

The two largest exhibits in the center are the hall of the World’s Largest Tree and Alabama’s Biggest Leaf. There are also a number of smaller exhibits that are scattered throughout the center. For example, the Lighthouses exhibit is on the second floor of the center and the elephants exhibit is on the second floor of the building, too. They also have a number of dining areas for visitors to eat. If you are looking for something fun for all ages, the McWane Science Center is definitely worth your time. There is a parking garage on the premises and it is a five-minute walk from the Grand Boulevard, Highland Park, and Five Points West metro stops.

6.    BJCC

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, better known as the BJCC, is a 6 million-square-foot complex. It is located in the city of Birmingham and is where the Southeastern Conference (SEC) football and basketball games are played. It also hosts NCAA Tournament games, national conventions, a number of music festivals, and many other events. The BJCC complex includes several different buildings that house indoor and outdoor venues, such as the BJCC Legacy Arena and the Max C. Taylor Convention Center.

It also has a hotel on the premises that can host approximately 1,000 people. Other attractions at the BJCC include the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex Fountain and the BJCC Groove in the Aisle, which is a bar located in the lobby of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. You can find all of the information on the BJCC on their website, www.birminghamjcc.com.

7.    Railroad Park

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex also has an excellent new attraction, the Railroad Park. It was opened in 2013, and it is located just across the street from the Convention Center. It was named after the railroad that runs through the center of the city. The Railroad Park has a number of different activities for visitors to enjoy, and it is constantly being updated. There are picnic tables, grills, playgrounds, sports courts, an amphitheater, an ice-skating rink, and a skating plaza. You can also enjoy the Birmingham Wine Trail, which is in the area around Railroad Park.

There is a wine bar and a restaurant on the site of the Railroad Park that are on the same block as the two restaurants in the Railroad District area, which is a shopping district located across the street from the park. It is an excellent attraction for families with children, and there are also events that take place on the park frequently. For example, there is fireworks show on July 3rd, which is a holiday celebrated by Americans all over the country. Another event that takes place there every year is the Big Back Yard Bazaar, which is an annual event that brings many different vendors to the park on the first weekend in August.

8.    Linn Park

Linn Park is another really great park that you should definitely check out if you are in the city of Birmingham. It is the largest park in Birmingham and has two major attractions, both of which are free. You can visit the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument and walk around the park while taking in the beautiful views of the park.

You will also be able to see some of the monuments around the park and learn about the history of the park. The park is a number of things. It is a significant site that was significant in the Civil Rights Movement and it also has beautiful trees and amazing views of the city. It is open 24 hours a day and is a great place for family outings.

9.    The Novem point

The Novem point is a free piece of land near the BJCC. It is located right next to the Coosa River and offers a nice view of the city of Birmingham. There are several events that take place at the Novem point. The first is the Backyard Barbeque on the Novem point, which is a one-day music festival that takes place on the first Friday of May.

The music festival has been a huge success for the city and it has recently been expanded to two days. The event also has over 80 different food vendors and 20 craft breweries on hand. The festival also has various entertainment groups that perform each year. If you enjoy good food, music, and beer, then this is a great event to take part in.


Birmingham has a lot of great attractions that you should definitely check out while you are in the city. This is a fun city to visit, especially if you are a sports fan. There is a variety of things to do and see while you are there, and you should not be afraid to explore as much of the city as you can. There is so much to do in Birmingham, and you really should spend as much time there as you can.

In the area where the BJCC is located, there are numerous restaurants and shops that you should not be missing out on. There is a tremendous number of things to do in the Birmingham area, and there is a ton of things to do all around the city, especially at all of the beautiful parks. You should definitely check out Birmingham when you have the chance, and I hope that you will take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities that this city has to offer.

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