Hiking Backpacks for Women

Best Hiking Backpacks for Women in 2022: Find the Perfect Hiking Pack for Your Next Adventure

The Hiking Backpack Market is expected to witness rapid growth at a CAGR of over 11% during the forecast period. Rising travel and tourism expenditures by tourists across the globe have given rise to the need for engaging in outdoor activities. Rising personal disposable income is also influencing the growth of the market. With the emergence of advanced technology, outdoor equipment and apparel have become easily available at low costs. Demand for high-end backpacks with features such as large storage space, better weight management, and enhanced comfort has driven the global hiking backpacks market.

Along with these, safety and security concerns about backpacks have increased. Thus, most hikers prefer to opt for high-end backpacks. These backpacks are manufactured with high-performance and innovative materials to meet the demands of consumers. A gradual shift in the trend of low-cost hiking and camping has restrained the market growth. Let’s review some of the best backpacks for your next adventure:

S&M Natural Light Women’s Adjustable Backpack

The S&M Natural Light Women’s Adjustable Backpack is a backpack that weighs 14 kg and has a large capacity of 16L. It has been designed with high-end comfort features such as a large comfortable padded back panel, well-padded front and ventilated back, wide side handles, and a hydration sleeve. The hydration sleeve is made of water-resistant fabric and has an adjustable hose for easy access to water.

It has a large reservoir that contains enough water to stay hydrated. Additionally, the hydration sleeve has a water bottle attachment on it which is integrated with the stretch side handle. It also has an integrated pocket to hold a mobile phone and a waterproof carrying pouch. It has an all-over fleece lining, zippered pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Key Features of the S&M Natural Light Women’s Adjustable Backpack

• The ergonomically designed adjustable shoulder strap with external bungee cord

• Well-padded back panel with the padded back panel and ventilation slits

• Integrated storage pocket

• Elasticized profile neck strap

• A long stretch opening at front and back

JanSport Destination Backpack

The JanSport Destination Backpack is a large backpack with a wide carrying capacity. It is specially designed with a padded back panel, back pad, front zipper pocket, adjustable waist belt, and a padded front with expandable padding. It has an integrated water bottle holder. It has a durable synthetic water-repellent fabric that is high in weather-resistant durability and abrasion resistance. It has a large front expandable padded sleeve which offers enough storage space to hold a laptop, personal items, and even a tent.

Additionally, there are many storage pockets on the back panel. The main strap is non-restrictive and easy to carry and transfer. It also has an easy-release buckle system. It has several features such as abrasion-resistant suede back panel, ½ inch gusseted exterior, rugged synthetic water-repellent fabric, splash-resistant nylon shell, and a hard-wearing polypropylene liner.

Sorel Women’s Dump-it Carry-On

The Sorel Women’s Dump-it Carry-On backpack has a relatively lightweight packing density and therefore is lighter than the average bag. The zipper pull design makes it easy to open and closed. It is also super lightweight and won’t affect your back. This makes it perfect for travelers and backpackers who are looking for a quick, convenient, and portable luggage solution. The Sorel Women’s Dump-it Carry-On is made of three durable polypropylene materials that are lightweight and eco-friendly. These materials are good at protecting the pack’s exterior from damage. The durable stretchy fabric and water-repellent lining offer maximum protection.

Its wide open and expandable front pocket can accommodate a tablet or a laptop. The backpack also has a slim integrated strap system which is easily adjustable for a comfortable, customized fit. There are two key features of the Sorel Women’s Dump-it Carry-On backpack that make it great for people who love the outdoors. The first is its expandable main compartment that has a space for the water bottle, snacks, and an umbrella. The second key feature is its internal expandable padding. It offers ample space for a tablet or laptop.

Key Features of the Sorel Women’s Dump-it Carry-On Backpack

• High-grade polypropylene fabric

• Secure stowage system with hardwearing synthetic water-repellent fabric

• ½-inch gusseted reinforced external enclosure with articulated flap and interior reflective strips

• Wide array of storage pockets: the water bottle and snack compartment, compartment for personal items, cash compartment, passport pocket, second internal pad pocket

• Stretchy inner padding with integrated internal adjustment strap

• Adjustable waist belt with a secure buckle system

Backpacker’s Lady Collapsible Bucket Bag

The Backpacker’s Lady Collapsible Bucket Bag is made from a durable canvas with a water-repellent zipper and elastic shoulder straps. It has a protective, quilted material on the outside that reduces the bag’s overall weight and volume. It is perfect for traveling and carrying items. The bag is also slim and portable with a flexible zip that can be used for all occasions. This collapsible bucket bag has a square-shaped bottom that makes it possible for the bag to collapse down to half of its size.

It is made with heavy-duty canvas and it comes with a leather strap that is adjustable to match the shoulder strap size. The elastic strap has handles and a zip closure. The bag’s main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate a laptop and a variety of other everyday items. The soft outer pocket allows you to carry essentials for yourself and your luggage. The bag also has a water bottle pocket on the outer, which is a good option for a road trip or a long trip.

Key features of the Backpacker’s Lady Collapsible Bucket Bag

• High-quality cotton canvas with water-repellent zipper

• Quilted water-resistant nylon fabric

• Slim and portable with a convenient and flexible zip closure

• Leather shoulder strap and a water bottle pocket with zip closure

Liz’s Diniz Women’s Field

The Lii’I Diniz Women’s Field backpack is made from canvas fabric. It has a waterproof-reinforced mesh back panel that has internal pockets that are convenient for carrying a tablet and other small items. The bag also has an external carry handle. The best feature of this pack is its deep zippered internal pouch. It has a heavy-duty soft-touch waterproof zipper and it also has a mesh opening, so you can comfortably carry your laptop and other accessories.

It also has a padded laptop sleeve to protect your laptop. Another great feature of this backpack is that it has a 15-inch adjustable shoulder strap that has an internal chest strap. This is one of the best features of this bag because it can be used for any occasion, including the gym and outdoor activities. It is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to carry and easy to transport.

Key features of the Lii’I Diniz Women’s Field Backpack

• Water-resistant nylon material

• Removable padded laptop sleeve

• 15-inch adjustable shoulder strap

• Large internal zippered compartment

• Women’s size 8

Urban Outfitters Women’s Sydney Posta Backpack

The Sydney Posta Backpack is made from two different fabrics. The first one is a durable cotton canvas fabric, while the other one is made from stretchy ripstop nylon fabric. Both fabrics are fully machine washable and water-resistant. The Sydney Posta Backpack is an adjustable shoulder bag with a contoured waist belt. It has two mesh side pockets that are accessible for different kinds of items. The front pocket has a small zipper that is removable to access other key items such as tablets.

The interior pockets also have interior zippers that can be easily and quickly pulled open. It has a large main compartment that is spacious enough to carry a laptop, a tablet, and other smaller items. The external zip pocket has multiple compartments and it is great for smaller, small items that you can easily grab when you need to. There are also side zip compartments for different key items. The designer of the bag offers complimentary shipping to get your hands on this amazing travel backpack for yourself.

Key features of the Sydney Posta Backpack

• Built-in laptop sleeve

• 1-year manufacturer warranty

• Single-layer, adjustable lightweight water-resistant stretch fabric

• 15-inch adjustable/detachable shoulder strap with internal chest strap

Allweiler Women’s Splendid 22L Bag

The Splendid 22L bag from Allweiler is made from water-repellent nylon fabric. It also has a spacious main compartment and two side pockets. It has a padded top with an anti-bacterial mesh panel and you can also access the pocket with its zippers. There are two side zip pockets and a front pocket. These pockets are convenient for carrying a tablet, a phone, a fitness tracker, or other small accessories.

The bag also has two zippered interior pockets that are perfect for storing sunglasses or a small water bottle. It has a huge padded shoulder strap and it has a detachable shoulder strap. The Allweiler Splendid 22L Bag is available in colors like black, beige, olive, gray, and burgundy. It is a very large bag so it is best for you if you want to carry a lot of things with you.

Key features of the Allweiler Women’s Splendid 22L Bag

• Water-resistant

• Mesh top panel

• 15-inch adjustable/detachable shoulder strap with internal chest strap

• Two side zip pockets with interior zippers

• 2 front pocket zipper pulls

• Large padded top with anti-bacterial mesh panel

Jansport Women’s Reasonable Wear 22L Backpack

This Jansport backpack is a perfect travel backpack that comes in multiple sizes. It has a spacious main compartment that is waterproof. You can find a USB port inside so you can charge your smartphone and other electronic devices while you are on the go. The exterior of the Jansport backpack is made from a durable and moisture-resistant nylon fabric. It also has a removable fleece-lined laptop sleeve that is big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop and a tablet.

The Jansport backpack is not only a perfect travel backpack but it also is perfect for moms and dads who are on the go. It comes in five different colors: Dark green, light green, light blue, gray, and pink. The laptop sleeve is lined with fleece that offers plenty of protection for your device. You can remove the sleeve so that you can access your other items easily. The padded backside of the laptop sleeve is perfect for carrying any lightweight and fragile items.

Key features of the Jansport Reasonable Wear 22L Backpack

• Water-resistant

• padded laptop sleeve

• Adjustable shoulder strap

• Double-sided water-resistant fabric

• Leather cargo pocket

• 5 colors: Dark green, light green, light blue, gray, and pink

Top-branded Topo-Tarps 22L Pack

The Topo-Tarps 22L backpack by Topo-Tarp Inc. is a top-quality travel backpack. It is designed with water-resistant fabric, has reflective detailing, and is quick drying. There are a few side pockets in the backpack as well as a large main compartment. You can also find several zippered pockets in the front compartment.

The back panel is designed with an extra padded insert to provide extra comfort and extra protection for your belongings. The material used for the backpack is very durable and can be taken with you on most outdoor activities. It has a large back compartment and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. The backpack is available in several different colors including black, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, and green.

Key features of the Topo-Tarps 22L Pack

• Water-resistant

• Comfortable shoulder strap

• Back panel padded with soft material

• Water-resistant

• Adjustable shoulder strap

• Padded comfort panel

• Padded front panel

UniBin Zippered Backpack

The UniBin zippered backpack is perfect for travel. It has an array of pockets that are excellent for storing things like money, a power bank, travel documents, ID, medication, or a change of clothes. It has three large main pockets and six zippered pockets on the outside of the backpack. It has one large zip pocket on the interior of the backpack.

The backpack comes in a few colors like white, grey, light grey, blue, and red. The inside of the bag has two large side pockets and one large main pocket. The backpack has a padded back panel that is padded with a soft fabric. The two side pockets are well placed as they are used as storage pockets and there is plenty of room for storing smaller items like papers, wallets, and shoes. The zippered back panel is lined with protective fabric and zippers.

Key features of the UniBin Zippered Backpack

• Zippered Back panel

• Padded back panel

• Large side pockets

• Two zippered side pockets

• Six zippered side pockets


These are the 10 best travel backpacks that you can buy on Amazon in 2022. Some of these packs offer a ton of space, and water resistance, have padded back panels, and are easy to use. While some of them have extra features and some others do not. It is all about what works best for you. Just remember that there are plenty of other options that you can go with, you might be better off with something different.

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