Best Cooler Backpacks

Best Cooler Backpacks in 2022

Best Cooler Backpacks

It’s time to update your toolkit for next year. Once every few years or so, there’s an exciting new tool that needs to make it into our work and life toolkits. That’s what a cooler backpack is for.

The good news is that cooler backpacks are one of the most versatile bags you can have. You can fit whatever you need for any occasion in it. Whether you want to haul in food, drinks, electronics, or anything else.

Cooler backpacks are perfect for camping, college parties, sporting events, long summer days at the beach, or any other excursion you can think of. Just be sure to consider your specific needs. The coolest backpacks we have for sale here at BTB cater to any type of traveler.

To put our top cooler backpacks for sale in 2022 into perspective, just imagine lugging around 10 cooler backpacks. That’s a very heavy load! However, if you are into heavy backpacks, it could be a way to reduce your back problems and maintain your posture, if you’re active and heavy.

Regardless, there are coolers with the good build quality, useful features, and high capacity that should do the trick. And with that in mind, we put together this list of coolers that we expect to be popular this year.

Here’s the list of the best Cooler Backpacks!

Best Cheap Backpack: Insulated Cooler Pack by Northwind

Here’s a neat and very affordable cooler backpack from Northwind that won’t break the bank. It’s the only backpack on our top list that’s under $40. It may not have the most storage space or heavy-duty frame, but it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

It’s 22 liters with dual-zippered compartments. You’ll find two small insulated pockets on the front, one zippered on each side. There’s also a smaller insulated pocket on the back for snacks, a snack/water bladder, or even drinks. The straps and shoulder straps are very sturdy and will protect you if you get bumped around.

Reviewers claim it’s very comfortable to wear and easy to carry. If you’re in the market for a cheap backpack, then this may be your best bet. For less than $40, it comes in five different color combinations. This one is available in Horizon Gray, Gunmetal, Black, Solar Flare, and Pink. You can buy the Insulated Cooler Pack here for $36.70.


  • Very affordable
  • Very comfortable and well constructed
  • Great value


  • Small
  • No padding for your back
  • The backpack may be too big if you’re looking for a more sporty look

Best Budget Backpack: Coqui Cooler Backpack

Here’s a budget backpack that’s more than meets the eye. It has super light material, great zippers, and a well-made carrying system. Coqui is made in Portugal and is a great company that’s passionate about making quality work and lifestyle bags.

This backpack is a little bit slimmer and more compact than others on our list, yet it’s still very durable and will support heavy items. It has enough space to fit a laptop or camera. The design is flexible and thin enough to support loads up to 30 lbs.

If you’re on a budget, this is a good option. Not only is it very affordable, but it’s also comfortable and has all the features you want in a backpack.

There are two compartments on the outside that can house your smaller items or water bottle. Plus there’s a mesh pocket on the back. The larger insulated compartment is separated by a mesh panel. It also has a mesh pocket on the back of the lid.

These bags are a great size for car or plane rides, and it’s very comfortable to wear for long periods. You can also wear this backpack as a messenger bag or backpack for a cool look.

In terms of the materials, this backpack is made of water-resistant fabric and impact-resistant material, so it’s safe from drops and physical abuse. It’s also easy to clean because it comes with a mesh pocket.

The back panel has a breathable mesh fabric that has a fleece-lined section to keep you cool. It’s also machine washable and can withstand rough trips. The bag is made with reinforced buckles and can be worn at the waist or over your shoulder. The straps are fully adjustable and very sturdy.

There are five colors to choose from, including silver, black, and brushed metal. It comes with two shoulder straps and three back straps. Overall, it has a good balance of price and quality, so it’s a great backpack for the money. It’s a great bag for travel or commuting.

Price: $37.79


  • Has a variety of affordable color choices
  • Five colors to choose from
  • Two side compartments for an organized look
  • High-quality fabric and zippers


  • Not a lot of padding for your back
  • Designed with a lightweight material
  • Straps and shoulder straps are very sturdy
  • Easy to wear as a messenger bag or backpack

Best Adventure Backpack: Cuben Fiber Trekking Backpack

Here’s a backpack that’s lightweight, tough, and can last through any activity. It comes in four different colors and sizes for men and women.

The Cuben fabric used is supposed to provide some of the best protection against water. The material is thick and durable, but also lightweight and durable.

It’s adjustable to fit most users and is easy to wash with no funk. This backpack comes with two front pockets, one side compartment, and one back panel that has two pockets on each side.

The backpack has two soft-seal-zone shoulder straps, so you can wear them like a messenger bag or a backpack. There’s also a detachable shoulder strap.

This backpack is affordable and waterproof. It’s good for hiking, biking, and the beach. It’s not only great for traveling, but it’s also great for camping. This backpack is available in six different sizes, including two female-specific styles.

Price: $79.99


  • Made with the best material
  • Five color choices
  • Attractive exterior
  • Detachable shoulder strap


  • Not very big
  • Heavy
  • Not good for lightweight activities

Best Backpack With a Dual Canister Insert: Trumans Waterproof Dry Bag

Sometimes all you need is a backpack, but you want a bag that can function as a dry bag as well. This backpack has a removable insert that’s perfect for storing your valuables and some water.

The dry bag is meant to be used for taking up to 5 liters of water and wearing it around your waist. The insert has a pair of plastic cups inside. You can attach it to a belt or attach it to the backpack straps for even more secure placement.

The backpack is made from high-quality materials. It has full zip access and a padded shoulder strap, along with a water bottle pocket, adjustable sternum strap, and an exterior zip pocket.

It comes in three different colors for men and two colors for women, and the bag is still lightweight and durable.

Price: $22.59


  • Very high-quality material
  • Five color choices
  • Holds up to 5 liters of water
  • Water bottle pocket


  • Not a lot of padding for your back
  • Not waterproof
  • No special features

Best Women’s Backpack: Nine South End Duffel

Here’s a no-frills but very attractive backpack from Nine South End Duffel. It has a lot of useful features including tons of pockets, a long waistband, and a strap across your chest. The straps are padded for comfort and a secure hold. The backpack also has an adjustable shoulder strap.

The outside of the bag is a black, water-repellant fabric that makes it easy to pack up. The material is water-resistant and durable, but not watertight.

The bag also has two back panel pockets, a padded, waterproof pocket, and two zippered side pockets. It has a tag that makes it easy to determine what size the bag is for a specific person.

This bag is a great size for going on longer trips, or for wearing over a bathing suit on the beach.

Price: $52.99 and up


  • Great bag for packing for longer trips
  • Premium quality materials
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Padded straps


  • No pocket for storing snacks
  • Some complain that the zippers don’t quite close
  • Not waterproof

Best Gym Bag: Thermacell Repellent Lightweight Cooler Backpack

Here’s a gym bag that’s going to keep you protected from the elements. This mesh backpack from Thermacell is both lightweight and water-resistant. It’s made with durable UV light-blocking material. It’s cool, and the straps are adjustable.

The backpack has a built-in air pump that infuses the bag with water whenever it gets wet. It has an anti-odor, antibacterial, and anti-fungal treatment that you spray every few months to keep it fresh.

You can get the backpack in black or blue. It’s not very big, so it won’t fit all of your belongings, but it will hold enough to keep you comfortable during your workout. The backpack has a built-in food storage pouch and two side pockets.

It’s perfect for running to the locker room after a hard workout and quickly getting your clothes on.

Price: $49.95


  • Lightweight
  • Not very big
  • Three compartment
  • Anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment


  • Plastic won’t hold up well to water
  • No real organization to the pockets
  • Not breathable

Best Expandable Backpack: Backpacks and Bags by Jakkis Leathers

This is a super lightweight backpack made from soft suede material. It has three main compartments, with one that zips and one that has two separate pockets.

The two separate pockets are padded for added comfort and protection. It also has a top water bottle pocket and one of two side pockets. The backpack has a padded carry handle, long straps, and a two-way zipper.

It comes in a variety of colors. It’s perfect for a woman who wants to be able to carry a lot of her stuff on her back, and also look fashionable.

Price: $52.58


  • Super light
  • Three separate compartments
  • The zipper and sides are padded
  • Two separate pockets


  • Material isn’t very durable
  • Only has two sides of the backpack are able to carry two separate loads
  • Not designed for large loads

Best Very Lightweight Backpack: Baboon Bike Backpack

The Baboon Bike backpack is made from mesh material and features a built-in pocket for your phone, tablet, or whatever else you want to keep handy.

It also has one inner side pocket that helps you carry small items while riding your bike. This bag is extremely lightweight. It weighs in at only two pounds, making it easier to carry on a long trip. It has one interior pocket for stashing extra gear.

It also has two padded top straps that help you to carry the bag like a satchel. There’s a water bottle pocket on the inside of the bag for hydration on the go. The Baboon Bike bag is made from water-resistant material. It comes in six different colors.

Price: $18.99


  • Very lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Two padded top straps
  • No-show mesh material


  • Zipper sometimes has issues keeping the bag closed
  • Not super durable
  • No interior storage

Best Easy Access Backpack: Outdoor Vibes Xtreme Max Pack Backpack

The Xtreme Max Pack Backpack is built specifically with everyday use in mind. It has tons of pockets and a water bottle holder. The back and water bottle strap can be adjusted to be at an ideal height.

The Xtreme Max Pack has four main sections: front pocket, main compartment, side pocket, and laptop sleeve. It has two side zippered pockets, and one larger zippered pocket on the main compartment.

There’s a separate water bottle pocket and a side pocket for stashing headphones and other small things. The laptop sleeve can also be used as a place to stash your laptop and keep it safe and secure.

The bag has a compression strap that keeps your stuff in place when you’re walking. It also has a front mesh pocket and meshes side water bottle pockets. The bag comes in over 20 colors.

Price: $21.49


  • Unique mesh material
  • Large water bottle holder
  • Back and side mesh zippered pockets


  • Only one main compartment for packing
  • Can be heavy
  • Some reviewers had issues with some of the material not holding up as well


These are the few best cooling and hiking backpacks in 2022. These bags can work best on your hike with durability and long-lasting nature. You can select according to your needs. Best of luck with your next hike!

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