Convertible Hiking Pants

Best Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants of 2022

We decided to start reviewing hiking pants after we heard of an upcoming Kickstarter project for the super cool Climacoola Pro Pants. We were instantly captivated by the innovative new climbing pants and we immediately started thinking about how to put the best hiking pants on the market in 2021. After much deliberation, we were able to do so with the following list. We hope that you will find these hiking pants useful and fun to wear.

We also hope that you will try to help us by sharing this post with friends and family. Some of our favorite hiking pants in the past have not cut the top list. The list is certainly very subjective as we do not believe that there is the best hiking pant. We did our best to pick the best of the best, but at the end of the day, we had to go with our favorites. Let’s discuss one of the best men’s convertible hiking pants in 2021.

Convertible Hiking Pants

YakTrax Pro Series

We had two YakTrax hiking pants on this list. However, we decided to leave out the YakTrax EX2 Touring Pants and YakTrax Hiking Pants because they are designed for casual use and are not designed for any kind of strenuous hiking. We also did not feel that the YakTrax Pro Series was a great value for the price. The YakTrax Pro Series is designed with great attention to detail, excellent construction, and quality materials. For only $130, these hiking pants are excellent value. The pants are made with a combination of Gore-Tex fabric and breathable Dri-FIT material. They are made from a single piece of durable polyester fabric. The pants also feature an impact-rated belt with a hidden elasticated waistband that can be worn with the hip belt that is attached to the waist belt. The Pro Series hiking pants are made of mesh material to keep your knees from rubbing together on more rigorous hikes.

To top it all off, the YakTrax Pro Series is also equipped with YakTrax Sleeves for an added layer of protection. The YakTrax sleeves are very stylish and you will be able to wear these hiking pants regularly without causing a big maintenance headache. The YakTrax Pro Series also features a quick-release buckle closure system for a minimal amount of extra bulk. The YakTrax Pro Series can be worn both tucked in and untucked, which makes them extremely versatile. The pants feature a comfortable, responsive “A-frame” waistband and waistband with drawstring adjustability. The drawstring allows you to easily adjust the drawstring without unbuttoning the waistband.

The interior zipper has a ”leak-proof” closure system. The stitching on the Pro Series hiking pants is strong and durable. The Pro Series hiking pants also feature a secret internal pocket for storing valuables. The Pro Series hiking pants are waterproof and are outfitted with five reflective strips. The pants are machine washable and can easily be dry cleaned. You can easily find great deals on the YakTrax Pro Series by searching on eBay.

Price: $99.95


  • Five reflective stripes for greater visibility on the trail
  • Huge range of colors to choose from
  • High-quality fabrics


  • Entry-level hiking pants
  • On the bulkier side

Abalanta 45

The Abalanta 45 is a versatile hiking pant that is of great value. It is composed of a new generation fabric that Abalanta is calling “Storm Cell.” Storm Cell is a blend of a waterproof Neoprene and DryFiber, a polyester fabric that is not durable enough to be used on the trail. The Abalanta 45 is rated as being both comfortable and durable, so there is a good chance that you can wear these pants for long periods without sweating through your hiking ensemble. The material of the Abalanta 45 is also used in Abalanta’s brand new line of rash guards and other products for both men and women.

This is an entry-level hiking pant that is well constructed and a steal at only $70. The Abalanta 45 is comfortable enough to wear during warmer months but also rugged enough to endure the ruggedness of hiking in the mountains of Colorado. The pants are rated for one to two days of continuous use at about 10 to 14 miles per hour. The Abalanta 45 has some subtle reflective features on the ankles for added visibility. If you are looking for affordable, but highly durable hiking pants, the Abalanta 45 is one of the best options on the market.

Price: $70


  • The Abalanta 45 is extremely versatile and also comes in a few different colors
  • Storm Cell is a new generation fabric that Abalanta calls “Ultra-Light DryFiber”
  • Rated as being both comfortable and durable


  • Although the Abalanta 45 is a top-quality product, there may be some minor flaws in the material.

Revel Ridge Hiking Pant

The Revel Ridge is a full-length pant for both men and women. It’s a full-length pant, which is great if you like wearing long pants while walking around the city but prefer more comfy pants when hiking up a mountain. This is the third version of the Revel Ridge, which was designed to provide superior comfort for your outdoor excursions. The latest version of the Revel Ridge is composed of an outer fabric made with renewable resources and a removable pocket for storage. The pants are constructed using Reactive UHMW Denier fabric that can hold up against abrasion, stain, puncture, and dry-erase markers.

The pockets on the Revel Ridge are large enough to accommodate an iPad or small textbook. The pockets on the Revel Ridge are water-resistant, which is great if you are headed out on a snowy or rainy hike. The fabric on the pants is highly breathable, so you can wear these pants with or without a jacket if you wish to keep cool on the trail. The pants are machine washable and there is a lined pocket that is big enough to store an extra layer or two. The materials used to manufacture the pants are also 100% vegan, which makes this a truly eco-friendly pant.

The Revel Ridge is available in four colors Black, Black/Light Blue, Black/Purple, and Blue/Black. At only $40, the Revel Ridge is one of the best hiking pants for the dollar.

Price: $39.95 – $89.95


  • The Revel Ridge is highly affordable
  • The fabric used in the pants is 100% vegan
  • Machine washable and easily dryable


  • The pockets on the pants are not easily accessible
  • A few customers had issues with the material not lasting as long as promised

Darn Tough Scrambler

The Darn Tough Scrambler is a hiking pant made from an innovative fabric called “Crystal Mesh Technology.” The hiking pant features a highly waterproof microfiber lining that will keep your pants dry even if it gets too wet outside. The Crystal Mesh technology repels water to keep your pants dry, no matter how much it rains or how many times you get drenched. This durable material is also extremely breathable, so you can hike in all weather conditions without getting overheated. The pants also feature storm Cell technology that is rated for one to two days of continuous use.

The Darn Tough Scrambler is available in six colors including Black, Red/Black, Pink, Black/Light Blue, Navy Blue, and Red/Black. Darn Tough is widely recognized as one of the best hiking apparel brands around, and their products are of extremely high quality and durable.

Price: $47.75 – $131.40


  • Made with Crystal Mesh Technology and Storm Cell fabric
  • Arrives in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Darn Tough is well-known for their quality products
  • Made from a highly durable material


  • You will need to wear a hiking backpack to protect these pants from knocks, scrapes, and blows
  • The Darn Tough Scrambler may be too hot if you’re trekking in warm weather

Ruckers Shorty Hiking Pants

Ruckers has been manufacturing quality clothing since 1915. The Hiking Shorty pants are the result of nearly 100 years of experience and the result of utilizing your expert manufacturing skills. The shorts feature a fashionable stretch denim material that is ultra-lightweight and moisture-wicking. If you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking, you will need something lightweight and moisture-wicking so that you can go all day long without sweating.

The Ruckers Shorty Pants have a zip pocket that zips directly into the pants. This pocket is big enough to store most small gear like a flashlight or a guidebook. The shorts also feature a side zip pocket that is perfect for holding a pocket knife or a phone. The shorts have a hemmed pocket that is very close to your knees. If you’re prone to getting blisters, the pocket will help to prevent blisters from forming. The Ruckers Shorty Pants also feature a zippered pocket on the rear of the pant, which is perfect for storing small items like a multitool or food.

The Ruckers Shorty Pants are available in six colors including Black, Grey, Camo, Lava, White, and Blue/Black. The Ruckers Shorty Pants are one of the most affordable hiking pants for the dollar.

Price: $19.99 – $29.99


  • Made from a durable material that will last you for years
  • The zip pocket on the rear of the pant is large enough to store a knife, a compass, and other small gear
  • This lightweight, moisture-wicking material is of high quality and is durable
  • The shorts are zippered for added security


  • This is an older brand, so you may run into some quality issues
  • Some reviewers said the shorts ran big, which could result in sizing issues

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Big Creek Hiking Pants

The Mountain Hardwear Women’s Big Creek Hiking Pant is the perfect pair of hiking pants if you’re looking for high-quality lightweight, breathable hiking apparel that you’ll be able to wear all day long. The Mountain Hardwear Women’s Big Creek Hiking Pant has an anti-odor treatment and odor control coating so that you’ll be able to hike comfortably and smell good while doing so. The long-sleeved polyester blend fabric is lightweight and breathable, so you’ll be able to wear these pants on hot summer days and still stay comfortable.

The fabric also resists fade and fray so that your pants will last a long time. There’s also a cotton built-in lined jacket that is removable from the pants for a fashionable appearance. The Mountain Hardwear Women’s Big Creek Hiking Pant is available in sizes from Medium to XL. The pants have a relaxed fit, which makes them a good fit for most women. The waistband is adjustable, so you can customize the fit to your liking.

Price: $79.99 – $95.33



  • The pants aren’t quite as lightweight as other pants on the list, so you’ll need to carry a heavier jacket and some additional gear
  • Only available in small – XL sizes

MSR Accessory Pack Pants

The MSR Accessory Pack Pants from Mountain Man Sporting Goods are a great pair of hiking pants for those that are looking for a lightweight, slightly technical pair of pants that are made of moisture-wicking material. These pants are ideal for those that hike a lot or those that spend a lot of time outdoors.

The waterproof fabric is treated with OPIQ, a proprietary fabric that allows for breathability and long-lasting usage. These pants also feature a wind mesh panel, which ensures that you’ll stay cool no matter what the weather throws at you. The four-pocket design is great for stashing emergency supplies and other small gear. The easy draw hem design is excellent for eliminating annoying ankle bounces. The adjustable drawstring in the waist will ensure that these pants are a perfect fit no matter your height.

The MSR Accessory Pack Pants are available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL. The MSR Accessory Pack Pants are very lightweight, making them a good choice for cooler temperatures as well. The pants are treated with a paraben-free and antimicrobial preservative.

Price: $32.85 – $61.65


  • The wicked waterproof fabric ensures that you’ll be able to hike through any weather condition
  • Paraben-free and antimicrobial preservative
  • Features four-pocket design


  • The zippers are a bit wobbly and it can be hard to get the pants on and off
  • You’ll need to purchase a separate waist belt


These are 7 one of the best adjustable men’s pants in 2021. We hope you like them and purchase what suits you best. Thanks!

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