Waterproof Hiking Pants

Best Waterproof Hiking Pants | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Waterproof hiking pants are a necessity for those of us that love exploring the great outdoors. They’re particularly useful for anyone that plans on hiking and trekking, however, there are also lots of other uses for them, including life camping, snowmobiling, or a quick jaunt around the yard to pick up the mail or something. If you have an outdoorsy, adventurous personality that thrives on soaking up the glory of Mother Nature, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there are a variety of waterproof hiking pants that can handle wetness.

Today, we’re going to go over the top of waterproof pants, discussing what makes them the best, and then we’ll go over some of the best reviews and guides that will help you find the perfect pair. But, before that, we will also discuss a pair of waterproof gloves first. So, let’s begin now:

1.    Fly Creek Waterproof Gloves

These Fly Creek Waterproof Gloves are my favorite pair of waterproof hiking gloves ever. In addition to their reliable wetness protection, they have a variety of other great features. The palms have reflective dots on them that make them easy to see in low light, and they have lots of pockets for holding your keys, passport, and other essential gear.

The exterior of the gloves is super durable, which is great news because you can take them anywhere that you want to go (waterfall climbing, glacier trekking, etc.). The material is water-repellent, which means it will keep your hands dry from the start. You can also keep your hands warm even on colder days by switching the glove sizes.

I appreciate the two-way stretch material on the gloves, which allows me to move freely in all directions without feeling any discomfort. The thumb and forefinger holes are snugs, which is a good thing since that means you can store stuff in them without having to worry about them falling out.

2.    Rainjaws JH-2 Waterproof Packed Pants

I love the classic look of the Rainjaws JH-2 Pants. This pant comes with an awesome, customized-looking patch on the left leg of the pant, which tells you the name of the owner. Plus, there are lots of great features inside that will help you stay dry and comfortable, like mesh panels for breathability and zippered pockets for your essential items.

Like all the other pants on this list, this pair of waterproof pants has an anti-odor coating, which will help keep you smelling fresh all day long. They have a DWR coating, which keeps you from getting drenched, so if you plan on wet and muddy adventures, these waterproof pants are a great investment.

There’s a hole at the knees, which is great for all the stuff that you need to carry around on your waist, like water bottles, snacks, or even cameras. The trousers are made with synthetic fiber, so they’re lightweight and breathable, so you won’t overheat while you’re outdoors. Overall, the Rainjaws JH-2 Pants are a great pair of waterproof hiking pants that look stylish and fit well.

3.    North Face Men’s Leek Waterproof Pants

With a lot of zippers, you can pack these North Face Men’s Leek Waterproof Pants with a ton of essentials without feeling them getting in the way. These are great for wet and muddy situations, so you can explore the outdoors with ease, and stay dry.

The fleece fabric is machine washable and will dry quickly. For extra breathability, they have a moisture-wicking moisture-transfer coating, which prevents sweat and rain from getting trapped in the fabric. I love the front pockets, which are spacious and have zippers so you can get to your essential items quickly.

This waterproof pant is quite the warm option, as it is available in some of the warmest synthetic fleece fabrics out there. The reflective details on the pants make them easy to spot in the dark, so you can have full visibility on the trail. The breathable fabric is also great for keeping your core warm, especially when you’re soaking wet and cold.

4.    Primaloft Element Zipper Pants

The Primaloft Element Zipper Pants from Red Baron are the perfect option for wet and cold conditions. They have a lifetime guarantee, so if you get them wet, they’ll still keep you warm and dry for years to come. They’re also incredibly light and packable, which is great because you can pull the pants on and off easily when you need to. All of the pockets are made from water-repellent material, so they are water- and wind-resistant.

You can adjust the length of the pants, thanks to a concealed elastic cuff. Plus, they are very lightweight, so you don’t get weighed down. There’s a hidden pocket on the pants as well, which is great, as it keeps your important items from getting lost inside your pockets. Overall, the Primaloft Element Zipper Pants have more than enough features to keep you fully dry and comfortable, which is a great way to hike in all sorts of weather.

5.    Deuter Men’s Drypod Pants

Deuter is a company that makes some of the best outdoor equipment, as some of the most popular camping tents. They make great outdoor sleeping bags, but they also make some great lightweight hiking pants that are perfect for active individuals. The Drypod Pants from Deuter are incredibly lightweight, so you can pull them on and off with ease. There’s a subtle nylon ripstop material, which is great at wicking moisture. These pants have a contour waistband, so they can be worn with a belt and keep your pants from falling when you hike.

The pants have a polyester stretch panel, which makes them super breathable, and provides extra comfort. They also have a zippered pouch at the waist, which is perfect for keeping small items in. The pockets on the pants are all easy to access, and they have excellent space. These pants have a removable PU outer layer, which can be worn when the weather is warmer and you want something lighter to help dry your clothes. Overall, these are great lightweight hiking pants, and one of the best options for traveling light.

6.    Columbia Men’s Alpha 5000 Cargo Pants

The Columbia Alpha 5000 Cargo Pants are a great option for hikers because they are very lightweight. They are also very breathable, so you don’t feel too hot and sweaty while you’re on your hike. These pants are made of a super soft and lightweight material, and they are packed with features. First, they have non-rubber knee pads, which are a great addition to hiking and the trail. You can also store all of your essential gear inside the pockets, which makes for an organized set-up.

The pants have both PU and EVA fabric, so they are super breathable and durable. They’re also extremely durable, which is great because they are designed to take a beating on the trail. The zippers are rugged, so you can trust that they will hold up to heavy loads. Overall, the Columbia Alpha 5000 Cargo Pants have the perfect blend of quality materials and features that make them one of the best lightweight hiking pants available.

7.    REI Men’s Smartwool Chukka Trail Pant

REI is a great option for anyone looking to travel light and lightproof. The REI Chukka Trail Pants are a great option, thanks to the fact that they are incredibly lightweight and packable, thanks to the 100% polyester material. These pants have a stretchy fit, which makes them a little baggy, and a longer length. That’s great because it will fit under the belt for those who need a little more room. The pockets are also very easy to access, and they have a hidden zipper on each leg.

The rest of the front is zipperless, which makes getting dressed in the morning a lot simpler. The pockets are perfect for stashing anything and everything you want to keep handy. All of these features add up to make the REI Chukka Trail Pants a great option for hiking. They’re incredibly lightweight, which makes them perfect for traveling to and from the trail, but they’re also built to take a beating.

8.    Smartwool Men’s PCT Expedition Pant

Smartwool is another great option for hiking when you’re looking to travel light and lightweight. The Smartwool PCT Expedition Pants are a great option for an all-around comfortable, weather-proof hiking pants. These pants are super soft and packable. They have a simple, button-down fly, which lets you get dressed very quickly. The material is also super breathable, which makes these pants a great option for any type of weather.

The stretchy fabric is also very durable, which is great for hiking when it’s wet or humid out. The mesh panel is also effective at keeping in moisture and heat, which is great for hiking through the heat of summer. Overall, these are a great pair of hiking pants. The material is lightweight, and it’s also incredibly breathable. Smartwool has a great reputation in the hiking and outdoors community, and that carries over to these pants as well.

9.    Lands’ End Men’s Morrissey Evo Pants

If you’re looking for a lightweight option for men who are looking to travel light, then the Lands’ End Morrissey Evo Pants are a great option for your hiking pants needs. These are another high-quality pair of hiking pants that will be comfortable and allow you to move about the outdoors with ease. The material used here is very durable. The pants are a little pricey, but the features you get with these are worth the money. The price isn’t high, either. These are made with a tough nylon fabric, which will stand up to the elements.

The material also features a waterproof pocket, so you won’t have to worry about wetness. The nylon also makes them extremely breathable, which is perfect for hot weather. Overall, these are a very decent pair of hiking pants that will be perfect for the trail. You’ll find a pair of solid, comfortable hiking pants that will last you for years to come. The best part is that they are also extremely lightweight, which means that you can pack quite a bit into your bag for your trips.

10.           North Face Women’s Hemprized 2L Heavyweight

Looking for the best lightweight hiking pants for women? Then you’ll want to check out the North Face Hemprized 2L Heavyweight Pants. These are super lightweight, and they’re built with a durable material that will last you for years to come. These are a very affordable pair of hiking pants. You’ll find that they will be more than versatile, too. The hem features removable rain pockets, which means you don’t have to worry about getting them wet.

These are also made with a hydrophobic fabric, which means they will be excellent at keeping wetness out. The material also features a waistband that will fit anyone, while also being durable enough to endure a long trip in the wilderness. It’s a nice blend of features that makes these pants a great option for women who love to hike. These pants are also made with a breathable mesh material, which means that you will be comfortable as you move through the outdoors.


One of the big questions we get asked is, “What should I look for when it comes to lightweight hiking pants?” That’s a great question, and it’s a good thing that we did a ton of research on the topic. We put a lot of time and effort into compiling a list of the best lightweight hiking pants available. This is not a long list by any means, but it covers a wide range of options, including some more expensive options. The high-end options are worth taking a closer look at, but they’re not something that’s going to fit into a small package like these options are.

That said, this is a great list for all different types of travelers. You’ll find hiking pants for women, men, young adults, and older adults. You’ll also find lightweight options that are available in different materials, which makes them ideal for adventure travelers who will be taking things backpacking or snowshoeing. These hiking pants have a stretchy fit, which makes them comfortable. The material is also breathable, which makes these hiking pants a great option for warm weather.

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