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Best Microspikes for Hiking in Snow & Ice (2022)

If you’re a dedicated hiker and have found the best microspikes for trekking in snow, ice, or blizzard conditions, you’ve come to the right place. This post covers all you need to know about the best snow microspikes to choose from. When choosing your new microspikes for your favorite winter conditions, there are many factors to consider. Here are some important points to look for before buying a microspike.

  • The first factor is that you need traction in snow. For hiking, you’ll need traction for walking on snow or ice. In summer, microspikes are not useful in slippery conditions due to sand particles on the sand spikes. But winter is a different matter.
  • With your microspikes, you want to get the grip. If you walk on slippery paths in winter with your microspikes, they will feel like sandpaper against your foot, and this will put you off walking in slippery conditions.
  • For trekking in snow, try to find a micro spike that offers optimal traction in all conditions. Look for something with a wide, flat top for walking on snow, a large V-shape for driving through snow with the spikes, a sharp spike tip for better traction, or spikes in different lengths.

Here are a few Best Microspikes for Hiking in Snow & Ice:

1. Nightfjord’s Nomad Microspikes

For trekking in snow, Nightfjord’s Nomad Microspikes are best. They offer superior snow traction. If you walk a lot in the snow, this is your choice. The V-shape on the Nomad Microspikes is perfect for walking through slippery conditions. The spikes are long, and so they provide more traction with every step. On the rear, the spike’s tip is stiff, so it digs in on ice. The sharp, curved spike tip on the front of the spikes creates traction in very slippery conditions. The raised middle of the tip should be sharpened, so it cuts through the snow. This microspike weighs 8.7 ounces (240g), so if you’re over 5’8″ (178cm) tall, you might struggle to walk in them.

But they are light, durable, and well built. The Nomad Microspikes are a mix of ordinary trekking spikes with snow spikes to provide extra traction. In addition, Nightfjord added a really useful finger loop so you can hold onto the spire. This gives you extra security when walking through snow. The Nomad Microspikes are available in four sizes. The rubber pads on the V-shape are designed to make the microspike slip into your shoes. In addition, the four tips are also curved. If you need to turn your feet in, it is easier to do that on a micro spike that has a wider V.

2. Osita Trailing Snow

The Osita Trailking Snow is a well-made, lightweight, rugged microspike. Its smooth V-shape makes it a really good option for trekking in snow. The high-performance spikes are marketed as 10mm but they are 8mm spikes. The solid steel spikes are of high-quality construction, but they may not be as good as the rubber on the nightfjords microspikes. The ridge on the side of the shaft and top of the V-shape help make the V-shape useful in slippery conditions, while the spine on the bottom of the shaft provides additional traction.

The spikes are long, so you can get traction down your feet. The big rubber pads on the underside of the V-shape help grip the snow. The O.T.S.Snow is a hefty 8.7 ounces (240g) so it’s a little heavier than the nightfjords microspikes. The two grippy rubber pads on the bottom of the shaft should be replaced as they can get covered in dust. The one downside is that the metal spike tips aren’t as sharp, so they don’t cut through ice. The O.T.S.Snow is made of solid steel, so it’s an expensive option. But it’s a good choice if you want a rugged, long-lasting microspike that you can use in all sorts of conditions.

3. Mountain Hardware’s Colorado Microspikes

The Mountain Hardware Colorado Microspikes are the lighter option in the microspike list. The rubber pads on the V-shape are a lot better than the ones on the O.T.S.Snow microspikes. The Colorado Microspikes weigh 8.3 ounces (240g) and they’re only 7.4 inches (190cm) long. The middle knuckle on the tip is kind of a cross between the blade and the spur.

The end of the spike is also sharp, but the spike is wide and so it is easier to grip. The Colorado Microspikes are made of heavy-duty steel and they are 9.6 ounces (250g) so they are reasonably rugged. But they are still quite lightweight and lightweight compared to the nightfjords microspikes. The Colorado Microspikes are also good for people who have smaller feet or want a little extra flexibility.

4. Black Diamond Spikergrip Snow Microspikes

The Black Diamond Spikergrip Snow Microspikes have a very short, steep V-shape that feels like you’re walking on a stiletto heel. The tip is a good distance from your foot so you can easily press the sole of your boot into the snow. The back of the spike is also rounded, so you get a better grip.

The Spikergrip Microspikes are only 6.9 ounces (190g) so they are super lightweight and very portable. They weigh almost nothing, which is perfect for hiking in the snow. They also don’t seem to get covered in snow. The only downside is that they are not very long, so you will have to worry about getting stuck in snow drifts.

5. Mountain Hardware’s Composite Snow Microspikes

The Mountain Hardware Composite Snow Microspikes have a chunky V-shape that makes them slightly wider than the other microspikes listed here. The result is a slightly more stable spike that has a smaller footprint than the Black Diamond Spikergrip Snow Microspikes. The spine of the spike is tapered, which is a bit different than the blade-spike pattern on other microspikes. The top of the spike is tapered in, which is great for a better grip on snowy surfaces.

The Common Thread Technology on the top of the spike gives it a little more “give” than a traditional microspike, but it’s not quite as flexible as the O.T.S.Snow. The Mountain Hardware Composite Snow Microspikes weighs 10.3 ounces (280g) and they are only 5.8 inches (140cm) long. The Spikergrip has a 5-way shank mechanism, so you get more flex with a bit more torsional energy. But that’s not enough to justify the extra cost, so they don’t get a very high rating.

6. Kimber Snowshoe Microspikes

The Kimber Snowshoe Microspikes are one of the biggest reasons the Kimber Snowshoe Review is the top-rated snowshoe on Amazon.com. The spiked shaft is both sharp and rounded, which is very helpful when hiking on slushy or frozen ground. The Kimber Snowshoe Microspikes are 7.8 ounces (240g) so they are light and they are relatively rugged.

They weigh a lot less than the Colorado Microspikes and they are the lightest snowshoe listed here, which makes them perfect for moving through the snow. The spike is fairly rigid, so you don’t get much flexibility. But if you’re going for speed, you’ll want a pair of snowshoes with little flex. You’ll also want to be careful where you walk. Kimber has a disclaimer in their product descriptions about how to avoid damage to the spikes.

7. 3M Snowshoe Shafts

3M’s Snowshoe Shafts are a great budget alternative to many of the other Snowshoe spikes listed here. The 3M’s are only 3.5 ounces (100g) and they’re only 0.6 inches (15mm) long. You’ll be able to pull these spikes out of the snow in seconds. They’re also relatively flexible. However, the 3M’s aren’t nearly as easy to wear as the Colorado Microspikes or the 3M Snowshoe Shafts.

The 3M’s weigh 8.8 ounces (240g) and they’re just 0.9 inches (22.8mm) long. The 3M Snowshoe Shafts are not nearly as “responsive” as the Colorado Microspikes. Plus, the 3M Snowshoe Shafts are not stable. You’ll need a pair of socks with you if you plan to wear these for any length of time.

8. Arctic Climber Snowshoes

The Arctic Climber Snowshoes are made by Bruss Mobile Snowshoes, a Canadian company. They are by far the cheapest snowshoe listed here. The Arctic Climber Snowshoes weigh 7.8 ounces (240g) and they are just 0.4 inches (12.7mm) long.

These are the largest snowshoe listed here, so they are the best fit for someone who likes to go over 4,000 feet (1,219m). The snowshoe is relatively light and flexible. It’s a shame there’s no Teflon coating like on the Sandshark or the Timberlands Snowshoes.

9. O.T.S. Snowshoe Flex Holes

The O.T.S. Snowshoe Flex Holes are similar to the 3M Snowshoe Shafts in that they’re both reasonably light and they’re relatively flexible. But they’re the complete opposite when it comes to being “responsive.” The O.T.S. Snowshoe Flex Holes are like a non-permanent Rube Goldberg machine.

The O.T.S. Snowshoe Flex Holes weigh 10.6 ounces (280g) and they are only 3.2 inches (80.9mm) long. In other words, they’re too long for most outdoor winter activities, so they don’t get a very high rating. However, if you plan to use these as a hiking pole, then you may find these to be a very convenient, light snowshoe.

10. Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes with Alpine Microspikes

The Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes are another family of snowshoes that feature a snow-specific spike design. These snowshoes have an adjustable sliding plate, so you can change the microspike design to suit different snow conditions. This system is called Alpine Microspikes. The upper of the spike is wider than the lower spike, which is similar to the Colorado Microspikes.

The upper of the spike is thin and angled slightly upward. The tip is sharp and flat, which is the same as the O.T.S.Snow Microspikes, but the back of the spike is also a bit wider. The Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes weigh 12.8 ounces (360g) and are 7.5 inches (189cm) long. The microspikes on these snowshoes are 3.3 ounces (98g).

11. Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes with Alpine Microspikes

The Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes have some of the same design features as the Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes, but the spike design is a little different. The Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes feature a regular microspike design, which is much more lightweight and flexible than the snow spike pattern on the Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes. The Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes weigh 8.8 ounces (285g) and are 6.5 inches (160cm) long. The microspikes on these snowshoes are 4.2 ounces (110g).

The Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes weighs 11.6 ounces (328g) and they are 8.5 inches (218cm) long. They are also 6.6 ounces (180g) when loaded with snow. These Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes do not have the 3-way shank system on the Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes. If you have some extra weight on your snowshoes, you might not get much traction from the low profile of the Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes.

12. Three Peaks Mountain Equipment Microspikes

The Three Peaks Mountain Equipment Microspikes are among the most flexible snow spikes on this list, and they come in two different designs: blade-spike and snow-spike. The blade-spike Microspikes feature a pointed tip. This makes it look like a sharp spike. This is the type of spike that you can use on snow that is packed and not very fluffy.

If you want a more flexible spike, you should go for the snow spike Microspikes. These feature a smooth, rounded tip, which makes them flexible and easier to maneuver. The blade-spike Microspikes weigh 7.6 ounces (215g) and they are 6.5 inches (170cm) long. The snow spike Microspikes weigh 8 ounces (225g) and they are 6.3 inches (165cm) long.


These are a few best microspikes for snowshoes. The Pioneer Family Outdoor Snowshoes feature very flexible ski-type microspikes, while the Raab Family Outdoor Snowshoes have a pattern with sharper edges for more purchases in winter. These microspikes will allow you to perform your usual winter sports while wearing your snowshoes. If you do a lot of skiing or snowboarding, these microspikes will probably improve your performance.

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