Shoes for Disney World

The Best Shoes for Disney World 2022: Sandals, Sneakers, and Walking Shoes

I bet you don’t want to miss out on your next Disney World vacation, so you’re gonna want to start planning it sooner than later. Before you go, it’s important to make sure you’ve packed the right gear, and that includes footwear that will make your trip the best one yet. The best footwear for Disney World isn’t the same as the best footwear for hiking, hiking can handle wet conditions, while Disney World is more about smooth surfaces and seaside resorts.

Shoes for Disney World

For the most part, I don’t want to include a specific shoe type or brand as my favorite because each traveler is going to have different needs and I’d rather recommend a more versatile shoe that’s comfortable and suitable for all kinds of activities. What I do like are mid-calf sandals, either closed-toe or open-toe, casual running shoes, and walking shoes, because the majority of my Disney trips don’t involve an extreme amount of walking.

I decided to break down my best choices for each of these footwear categories, but you can click on the links to go directly to the retailer’s website. These shoes, sneakers, and sandals are available now in stores and should be available online shortly. Let’s review them below:

Best All-Round Sandals: Vibram FiveFingers RubberSlides (Men’s)

If you don’t own a pair of Vibram FiveFingers, I’m pretty sure you should. These are the most comfortable, versatile shoes you’ll ever wear, and they’re the ideal footwear for Disney World. You can walk in them, run in them, and even walk and jog in them, which is another plus in my book. These are the best all-rounder shoes to wear for the entire trip and you can wear them on non-touristy walking trails without the worry.

The material used in the construction of the Vibram FiveFingers is what makes them so comfortable, they’re a very good fit, and you’ll be able to wear them all day if you need to. If you’re new to FiveFingers, I recommend you start with the New York Trekks which are the same as the “New Standard” Vibrams that cost several hundred dollars more but are still a great fit. Just make sure they are comfortable before you buy. Vibram FiveFingers are currently the most popular training shoe in the world, and the four main models are currently listed below.

  • New Standard
  • Vibram FiveFingers NYW
  • Vibram FiveFingers NYX
  • New Vibram FiveFingers Classic

Regardless of what brand you choose, you’ll be very happy with your purchase and I can guarantee you’ll think of me when you do! If you need more information on Vibram FiveFingers, check out our guides below.

Best Family Sandals: Go Ape Sandals (Men’s)

I haven’t taken my family on any major hiking trips, but we have some great days when we just run around at the lake, bike around town, or go hiking at the park. If you have small kids, these are the perfect sandals for you to slip on them before you go on the park trail, or slip them on and go biking around town.

Many kids love these sandals, and they’re super comfortable, which means you’ll have no problem wearing them all day or all night. They’re not the most stylish shoes, but I’m okay with that. These are the perfect shoes for wearing while doing a variety of activities and they are an ideal companion for the parks, on the beach, and even while you’re running around doing whatever it is you’re doing. There’s nothing worse than running around the park, only to have to take your sandals off halfway through because they’re starting to hurt. Don’t do that to yourself.

I’d highly recommend the FiveFingers NYC for the most comfortable sandals available, but the Go Ape Go Sandals are also a great choice if you want to purchase shoes specifically for the parks.

Best Flip-Flops for the Beach: Ecco All-Stars

I know, I know, I never mentioned flip-flops in my list of the best sandals for running around at the parks. But, these are the best flip-flops you can wear to the beach! These are extremely comfortable, the best design I’ve ever seen, and I would personally be very upset if I had to cut them off, which I have done on several occasions.

Ecco All-Stars are my favorite running shoe for use at the parks because of how comfortable they are. I will wear these over my sneakers for any occasion, including the parks. These are a great choice for working out in the comfort of your own home or hotel room, or even while running errands around town. The leather on the shoe gets so soft and smells like a “new car smell” after only a few days.

If you’re looking for a pair of flip-flops for running at the park, but you don’t want to invest in expensive flip-flops, these are a great choice for you. They are affordable, durable, comfortable, and look like a very nice pair of shoes.

Best Closed-Toe Shoes: New Balance Minimus Trail Boot

The New Balance Minimus Trail Boot is the perfect shoe for running and hiking. It has a very snug-fitting, relatively thin, and flexible sole, and a reasonable price tag. It’s more durable than running sandals but not as durable as running shoes.

The Minimus Trail Boots have a very good amount of cushion, but a very small amount of support. The shoe has a very nice, bouncy feel to it, making it great for any walking or hiking you’ll do, but it doesn’t offer the same support as most other sneakers.

I have seen many people come into my store and purchase the New Balance Minimus Trail Boots to run at the parks. I don’t recommend buying them because it’s not a good idea to wear a shoe that doesn’t offer as much cushioning as your typical running shoes. You also don’t want to damage the cushioned sole of these shoes because that means you’ll be out of the cost of the shoes you just purchased.

If you are someone who is looking for the perfect shoe for the park, then the New Balance Minimus Trail Boots will do the trick. However, they may be better suited to someone willing to spend a little more on shoes, but not quite as much as you would spend on a regular running shoe.

Best Running Shoes for Hiking: Saucony Hurricane 8

Saucony makes some of the best shoes for runners, so it’s no surprise that they make some of the best shoes for hiking as well. The Hurricane 8 is one of the most popular options for hikers, and it is a good hiking shoe, but it’s not your typical hiking shoe.

Saucony’s design is considered by many to be some of the best hiking shoes out there. It’s a shoe you can hike in that has a breathable design, a fairly low heel, a flexible rubber sole, and a lightweight sole. It also has a very smooth, non-slip grip on the bottom of the sole that’s great for when you’re walking down a dusty trail.

The cushioning is also very good in Hurricane 8, but it’s not as good as a more expensive hiking shoe such as the Gaiter Gate. If you’re someone who likes the feel of a running shoe while you’re hiking, then this is a shoe that will do the trick. However, you will not want to walk up and down a long mountain in these shoes.

If you’re looking for a shoe that you can hike in and enjoy, then the Saucony Hurricane 8 is an excellent choice for you.

Best Basic Workout Shoe: Adidas Forerunner 535

The Adidas Forerunner 535 is a great shoe for hikers because it’s not only a very comfortable shoe, but it’s also very versatile.

The Adidas Forerunner 535 has a very comfortable, supportive, and flexible sole. It also has a fairly soft, yet durable, outsole. The midsole is also padded, making it great for people who have fragile tendons.

The shoe has a breathable, lightweight mesh upper that allows the upper to breathe, and it is waterproof. It also has a nice, snug fit, and it stays in place well thanks to the laces that you can adjust for a comfortable fit.

The Adidas Forerunner 535 is also very versatile, allowing you to wear it both for running and for walking. The 535 comes in multiple color options and is a very good option for someone looking for a neutral shoe.

Best Lightweight Workout Shoe: Adidas PowerHike

The Adidas PowerHike is a very affordable, lightweight shoe that’s great for trail running and hiking. The PowerHike offers you some great features, such as the outsole that provides some excellent grip on wet or dusty trails.

It has an excellent waterproof design, a durable rubber outsole, and a great cushioning for your foot. It also has a pretty decent-sized toe box and a good amount of arch support.

The upper is made of stretch material and has a very smooth, non-slip feel. It’s also designed with a Vibram OutLo Run outsole and has a rubber grip on the bottoms.

The Adidas PowerHike is pretty much the perfect shoe for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on their hiking shoes.

Best Decent Cool Running Shoes: Zoot Ultra 180

The Zoot Ultra 180 is a great basic shoe, that’s great for hikers and trail runners. It has a lightweight, breathable, and supportive design. It has a flexible, moisture-wicking fabric upper, as well as a seamless, waterproof, and breathable rubber outsole.

The shoe is well made and has very soft, yet durable, suede and leather uppers, that are durable and water-resistant. The ankle support is fairly good, while the laces are well designed.

The Zoot Ultra 180 is a good shoe for someone who likes to wear white or black colorways. It also comes in several colors and it’s very affordable. It’s also very breathable and flexible.

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoe: North Face Amphibian

The North Face Amphibian is another great, yet affordable hiking shoe. It’s designed for both men and women, and the style is very basic. The shoe is relatively comfortable and has a reasonable amount of cushioning for its price range.

It also has a breathable, lightweight, mesh upper that allows for breathability and ventilation. It also has a chunky, yet flexible sole, which is designed for use on uneven surfaces and dusty trails. The upper is also fairly comfortable and you can adjust it for a comfortable fit.

Best Cheap Workout Shoe: Adidas Exceed Trainer HD

The Adidas Exceed Trainer HD is one of the most comfortable shoes, that is also very affordable. The Exceed Trainer HD is a shoe that works well for those that are looking for a more advanced trail running shoe, or someone who wants a versatile shoe that’s not too expensive.

The shoe is made of heavy-duty, breathable mesh that keeps your foot cool during long, sweaty hikes and runs. It also has a solid, but flexible sole that will work well for people that are planning to run, as well as for those that are simply going for a hike.

The bottom of the shoe is fairly flat and has a grippy rubber base, and there are several rubber sliders on the upper for extra traction. It’s a great option for someone who’s looking for a hiking shoe.


While it’s true that some people will benefit more from some of the other options, these are the best shoes that can be worn by just about any type of runner, and for hiking as well.

After all, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, you might as well get a good-quality pair of shoes that can also be used for other outdoor activities.

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